About Founder

Mr. Chhotan Rana, Founder Chairman / MD

Ketan Ventures is the brainchild of our  founder Mr.Chhotan Rana driven by  core values of integrity, commitment  and loyalty to customers. In the year 2000 construction of  residential apartments as well as  Interiors was started by Mr Chhotan Rana in  the name of Ketan Interiors Pvt Ltd  and developed more than 50,600 sqft.  Later, Ketan Ventures was founded and  within 6 years around Mr Chhotan Rana Started Ketan Exports as Well as Sri  Reksha Health Care Which Provides  Free Medical AID to Everyone , a  phenomenal growth fuelled by the  dynamic leadership of its founder  Mr.Chhotan Rana.
Ketan Ventures has fast grown into an  entity renowned for its Quality and  Consistency in residential projects  around the City of Destiny. Today,  Ketan Ventures is one of the most  respected and renowned business  entities in the market. In Ketan Ventures Mr.Chhotan Rana believe  that there is no better proof of a  commitment to service than a project  which demonstrates the integrity of its  builder. What we do for a living is not  especially unique. What we believe is  unique.
"We Go Above and Beyond On Every Job ,Period." .Chhotan Rana Founder, MD